Fire Solutions

CSS is business partners and distributors of Tyco International’s SimplexGrinnell fire and life safetyproducts.

No one can match The Simplex® and Grinnell® names have been synonymous with the best in fire protection for over 150 years. Today, SimplexGrinnell provides industry-leading design, installation and services through a network of 160 local district offices in the U.S. and Canada.

Whether it’s an electronic fire alarm, mechanical fire sprinkler or special hazards fire suppression system, we can build or retrofit the best solution for you.


With a broad, flexible product line and many peripherals, Simplex can meet all your unique fire safety needs. Simplex fire products are designed to be compatible with each other, to meet local and national building codes, and to give you the ability to change their configuration as your facility’s needs change. Simplex builds the principles of modular design, product-to-product compatibility, and consistent user interfaces into every fire system and peripheral device.

Graphic Command Center (GCC) / Network Processing Unit (NPU)

Standard IT and open source tools along with an embedded Linux operating system make VideoEdge IP solutions one of the most highly secure, easy-to-install solutions on the market.

EntraPass Security Software

Complete portfolio of easy-to-use, scalable access control solutions.

BACpacTM Portal

The first open systems solution to link fire detection and alarm systems to other building systems, the BACpac portal offers easy connection to other building systems without compromising fire system performance. Conforms to the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Airconditioning Engineers) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for interoperability of building automation devices.
4003 Voice Evacuation and Emergency Communications System

A cost-effective way to add voice capability to any stand-alone fire panel in small and medium-size building applications.
4009 IDNet Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) Extender

An economical solution for compliance with ADA (Americans with Disability Act) requirements, the 4009 IDNet NAC Extender expands the capacity of virtually any fire alarm control panel, both non-addressable and addressable. Provides enhanced troubleshooting diagnostics and options for monitoring and notification of remote, unoccupied buildings.

The TrueAlarm Family of Smoke and Heat Detection Products

The TrueAlarm family of smoke and heat detection products includes both intelligent addressable analog sensors as well as non-addressable detectors. All TrueAlarm systems use advanced drift compensation technology, and automatically adjust to ambient conditions, virtually eliminating nuisance alarms, expensive “sensitivity” testing, and associated production losses.

The TrueAlert Family of Notification Appliances

The TrueAlert family of notification appliances includes the industry’s first addressable systems as well as traditional non-addressable systems. All TrueAlert appliances satisfy the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act. Simplex is the only major manufacturer of fire detection and alarm systems that manufactures its own notification appliances to ensure commitment, quality, compatibility, and accountability to every customer.

TrueAlarm Addressable Analog Smoke and Heat Sensors

The two-wire T-Tapped wiring of Simplex addressable systems has been shown to reduce installation cost by 30% or more.

TrueAlarm smoke detection systems report dirty sensor conditions automatically. Even better, they also identify “almost dirty” sensors that need cleaning before they drift beyond their specified sensitivity. Your maintenance costs are reduced because you clean only the sensors that require cleaning.

Peak value measurements for each TrueAlarm sensor are stored in memory at the control panel. This allows evaluation of each sensor to accurately determine if a different sensitivity would better protect each location. The results: peak efficiency, performance, and protection, based on historical fact – not speculation.

TrueAlarm analog heat sensors are self-restoring and use fast response thermistor technology. Each analog sensor’s temperature alarm setting is selectable at the control panel. Additionally, each sensor may also be used for utility temperature monitoring applications, such as freeze alerts and monitoring of climate controlled environments.

The TrueAlert Addressable Notification Appliances

The industry’s first addressable notification system is the result of Simplex innovation and leadership in the fire detection and alarm systems industry. TrueAlert addressable notification appliances are intelligent systems that routinely perform diagnostics, reducing down-time and providing enhanced system survivability.

Another industry first, the TrueAlert system’s addressability permits selective area evacuation on the same intelligent signaling line circuit. Only Simplex TrueAlert addressable appliances, with T-Tapped connectivity, reduce installation cost by 30% or more versus conventional wiring methods – savings that will carry on to future retrofits and expansions.

Building owners and operators are also discovering the cost-effective value of the TrueAlert system’s unique “Daytime Testing” feature, which is non-obtrusive to building occupants.

TrueAlarm Non-Addressable Smoke and Heat Detectors

For non-addressable and legacy systems, each TrueAlarm photoelectric detector incorporates an onboard microprocessor that provides automatic drift compensation. TrueAlarm heat detectors are self-restoring and use fast response thermistor technology.
TrueAlert Non-Addressable Notification Appliances

TrueAlert non-addressable notification appliances have been designed for quick, convenient installation. Their SmartsyncTM feature allows individual control of audible and visible appliances on a single, non-addressable circuit, reducing the cost of equipment and installation.