Electronic Physical Security

We have installed many successful electronic security and life safety systems in various market segments including government, retail, education, public and private industries.

Our customers are some of the largest and most successful in their respective areas.

Our intention is to focus not only on installation and supplying but protection and safety, providing improved processes that translate into greater efficiencies, better productivity and improved bottom line performance for our customers.

Our success in the marketplace is the direct result of structuring our company’s services and resources to meet the security needs of our clients. This calls for an infrastructural capability of delivering systems within the allocated time schedule, and within the client’s budget.

CSS possesses the technical capacity and know-how to bring you the cutting edge integrated solutions.


CSS is business partners and distributors of American Dynamics® brand CCTV and video technologies.

American Dynamics® have earned a reputation for innovation and reliability around the globe. With pioneering breakthroughs in security technology, the American Dynamics brand has always been at the forefront of the industry with the most popular and easy to use digital video management system in the industry: Intellex®. The American Dynamics portfolio also includes a comprehensive selection of domes, cameras, matrix switchers, keyboards, multiplexers, monitors, and video accessories-everything required for a complete, state of the art video surveillance system. With a powerful integration platform, American Dynamics solutions work seamlessly with Software House® and Kantech™ access control products, as well as other important business applications, to provide customers with greater ease of operation and faster access to the information they need in critical situations.

American Dynamics Products

VideoEdge® IP Solutions

Standard IT and open source tools along with an embedded Linux operating system make VideoEdge IP solutions one of the most highly secure, easy-to-install solutions on the market.

Domes & Accessories

We never rest on our laurels, SpeedDome is proof of that. Innovation ensures that the best just keeps getting better. New tools like our USB Control Module make programming and firmware updates easier than ever.
Intellex® Digital Video Management System

Unique features and an intuitive interface make Intellex the digital video management system of choice. Available in a range of hardware platforms, including an IP based platform, there is an Intellex tailored to fit nearly any application.
Fixed Cameras & Accessories

A full range of cameras to fit any application and every budget. New models offer improved low-light sensitivity and innovative features such as DVR-Saver™ and Night-Saver™ modes. Pre-Packs streamline camera-lens-housing selection and speed installation.

IntelliVid® Video Intelligence Software

IntelliVid software provides the tools to generate tangible bottom-line improvements by reducing internal and external theft, allowing for more effective and efficient investigations, and providing a better understanding of in-store customer behavior.

Matrix Switcher Systems

The workhorse of the video security application, our matrix switcher systems have evolved to meet the needs of a changing market. New systems satellite to provide flexible, scalable solutions for a variety of applications.