Building Management

Metasys® Building Automation and Control Systems

The Metasys® building management system from Johnson Controls ensures all of your building systems – comfort controls, lighting, fire safety, security and equipment – operate together in harmony. With its innovative, IT-based infrastructure, software and wireless capabilities, Metasys is the one building management system that coordinates and organizes all the information logically, then delivers it where and when you need it.

Already the winner of the 2009 Frost & Sullivan North American BAS Market Leadership Award, Metasys now offers even more; more mobility, flexibility, reliability, visibility and more opportunities to create comfortable, safe and sustainable environments. Here’s how:

User Experience:

We’ve designed Metasys with the user in mind. It’s easy to configure and deploy and no special training is required to use it. Its enhanced Ready Access Portal (RAP) graphics capability, combined with the tenant user setup capabilities, deliver targeted views of data to any building occupants. For example, a single, customized view for a nurse or school administrator can be delivered to any PC at the site running only a browser. It’s also now compatible with Apple iPhone® or iPod® Touch platforms.

Energy Efficiency:

Facility Managers are desperate to better understand – and improve – their site’s energy usage and costs. Metasys empowers them to do both. Its Energy Essentials leverages the Metasys Advanced Reporting System to take the existing data and present it in an organized and informative way; providing a full suite of easy-to-configure, easy-to-use and actionable energy reports. And our improved Chiller Plant Automation (CPA) will help facility managers operate their chiller plants more efficiently. CPA algorithms are used to operate and sequence plant equipment in an efficient and reliable manner, and to ensure that runtime, starts and stops are equalized across the individual plant components.

Hardware & Software:

Metasys systems seamlessly connect to past, present and future technologies. Others talk about interactivity, connectivity and compatibility. Metasys delivers. With unsurpassed BACnet® interoperability and enhanced wireless performance, Metasys can solve the communication frustrations that multi-site enterprises and campuses face – getting literally thousands of different hardwired and wireless systems, devices and equipment to talk to each other on a single platform. Recent improvements provide even more control options and better information access by users. We’ve enhanced Metasys by:

  • Redesigning our Field Equipment Controllers
  • Making updates and improvements to our Terminal Equipment Controller
  • Adding more Wireless and Network Sensors
  • Enhancing software and firmware

Wireless Capabilities:

Wireless technology can be incorporated at one level or all levels of the Metasys system, as well as the building infrastructure. Metasys incorporates the latest wireless technologies into more devices, which increases your control flexibility, streamlines retrofits and results in faster download times. Whether it is at the system’s user interface, network automation, field controller or room sensing levels, Wireless Building Technologies from Johnson Controls result in increased application flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Security & Fire:

Metasys now incorporates one of Johnson Controls’ other great building controls systems, the P2000 security management system. The P2000 includes software and network controllers which ensure the safety of employees, and maintain the security of company assets. The P2000 is an open integration platform designed to be interoperable with a variety of security subsystems including access control, alarm & intrusion detection, video surveillance, visitor management and a variety of other safety and security systems.