The Customer Experience of ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys

Keyless entry, virtual keys and mobile lock control represent the new generation in security. CSS provides a number of applications using virtual access credentials.

Contactless services, such as payments, ticketing and loyalty have already been integrated into mobile phones. The same development is now happening in the lock industry with NFC-enabled smartphones that can be used for access control and as virtual keys.

The ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys Platform ensures end-to-end security and is applicable for access control and key control in residential, commercial and hotel applications.

Security managers can manage credentials from a central access control system and easily issue mobile keys to mobile phones with NFC technology.

CSS also offers ASSA ABLOY’s wireless electromechanical products providing greater convenience than traditional mechanical locks, electromechanical and electronic locks have a number of benefits.

ASSA ABLOY’s electromechanical locking solutions can be aligned to special security requirements, and a wide range of different technologies, devices and systems are available.

From electric mortise locks, which offer the best solution for high security applications for narrow profile and modular doors, to electric strikes and electromagnetic locks, the solutions provide an additional level of protection and convenience.

In addition, ASSA ABLOY’s innovative Hi-O and Aperio technologies are a new concept for electronic door solutions. Hi-O, which is based on CAN data communication network, enables connected devices to exchange and share encrypted information, while simplifying installation service and upgrade. Aperio, on the other hand, is a new technology developed to complement new and existing electronic access control systems, providing end users with a simple, intelligent way of upgrading the controllability and security level of their premises.