The Judicial Centre, Barbados

CSS designed the hardware schedule for the Judicial Centre Project. We have supplied ANSI Grade 1; 1500 hinges, 230 door closures, 300 locks, and other door hardware including the master keying system.

We have also supplied and installed the revolving glass style exit turnstiles for the entrances of this prestigious building.

In 2008 Barbados’ newest governmental facility, the New Judicial Center tendered for a supplier for door hardware that would allow the multiple organisations housed in the new high-use complex to access the areas critical to their operation. The building was designed for high traffic, and required the door hardware to last for as long as the life cycle of the building

Additionally, the facility required a door locking solution that could be Master Keyed to suit the needs of its three main tenants; Police, The Judiciary, and the Registry, while still maintaining the integrity of the locking system

CSS designed a Master Key system for the 200+ Corbin Russwin lockable devices that allowed all three tenants (the Police, The Judiciary, and the Registry) of the Judicial Center to access the areas relevant to their operation. Openings varied from service areas, to storage areas, public access areas, holding cells, judge’s chambers, legal counsel rooms, evidence rooms and more. The requirements of the three different entities meant that a simple 1 or 2 level MK system would not work. Only a 3 tiered Great Grand Master key system would make it mathematically possible to satisfy the client’s requirements. With Corbin Russwin patented keyways, this solution was elegantly implemented