McBride Aerosol Plant, Barbados

McBride is the leading manufacturer of aerosol products in the Caribbean. In their new state of the art plant facility which occupies 16 hectares, they manufacture a wide variety of quality household products marketed under their well-known brand names; BOP, BEEP, SURETOX and GO.

After a fire that destroyed the original property, McBride Caribbean ensured that the new facility has a NFPA approved state of the art Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System.

We were also contracted to install CCTV surveillance, perimeter security and a Time and Attendance system at this manufacturing plant consists of multiple buildings.

CSS installed an interconnected water sprinkler system that is integrated with Fire Alarm life safety and CCTV Surveillance systems.

Integrated Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion and Fire

An integrated Video surveillance and Fire protection system provides a complete solution for the commercial/industrial business. CSS’s solutions are well positioned for this market sector with their ability to integrate all of the required components.

Area Lockout: Allows the system to prevent anyone who may have been contaminated in one area to enter another area and thus contaminate it. This can translate into a huge expense and lost time. This simple feature can save time and money and warrant the investment in a CSS integrated security system.

Clearance Filter: Is a feature which can be used in a case where an area needs to be locked out to ALL personnel except those that are qualified. This can be done by changing the clearance level of the readers associated with the area and not having to change clearances to individual cardholders. This is a very efficient way for a security administrator to change who has access to an area without touching the cardholders’ database.

Mobile reader: The reader can operate in either a connected (wired or wireless) or disconnected operation (using local database) for transportation, classroom or training attendance, mustering, etc.

Video Analytics: Using CSS solutions and some video analytics from our partners, some companies have created logical fences; monitor directional traffic flow (wrong way), speed and size of objects, and objects left behind can all trigger alarms and/or events to signal trouble to the system and to the operators.

With an integrated solution from CSS Security we can provide a proven application for your unique business requirements.