Central Bank of the Dominican Republic

We supplied state of the art, stainless steel Tansa speed gates to Central Bank of Dominican Republic through Sensormatic Dominicana who installed and integrated them with their Access Control systems.

The Central bank of the Dominican Republic had requirements to install high speed optical security gates at two of their entrances. CSS was selected because of their knowledge in deployment and service of these turnstiles.

We have integrated the optical speed gates in to our strategic partner Sensormatic Dominicana’s CCURE Access Control system.

Optical turnstiles are an alternative to the traditional “arm”-style turnstile and are increasingly used in locations where a physical barrier is deemed unnecessary or unaesthetic. Optical turnstiles generally use an infrared beam to count patrons and recognize anyone attempting to enter a site without a valid entry pass.

An optical turnstile is a physical security device designed to restrict or control access to a building or secure area. Optical turnstiles are usually a part of an access control system, which also consists of software, card readers, and controllers. Optical turnstiles operate much like regular mechanical turnstiles, except that they rely primarily on electronic (infrared) beams, and audible/visual interfaces to control entry. Rather than physically restraining a person, the optical turnstile uses sounds and lights to alert others to attempted entry by unauthorized individuals